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Research & Development Units

Innovation has been a great passion and priority for Panacea Biotec. Beginning with an initial focus in 1995, Panacea Biotec has come a long way to establish a cohesive network of four highly sophisticated ultra modern R&D centers. A team of over 90 professional and highly talented researchers are committed to pursue the constant quest for innovation and therapeutic advancements 

The core area of research & development includes Vaccine Development, Biosimilar, Novel Drug Delivery projects, Generics with high barriers to entry and Drug Discovery (small molecules), in compliance with international regulatory standards. The company’s R&D centers are recognized by the Government’s Ministry of Science and technology. For carrying out pre-clinical research, the company has an animal house and facilities for undertaking in-vitro and in-vivo microbiology, pharmacology, safety, efficacy and toxicology studies. Invigorative Research & Development requires investment in time and money.

LAKSH Drug Discovery R&D Centre, Mohali (Punjab)

The Company’s state – of – the art Research Center for development of New Chemical Entities (small molecules) at Mohali, Punjab is spread over 70,000 Sq.ft. of laboratory Space and employs more than 25 scientists. This R&D Centre has capabilities to carry out work on different aspects of drug discovery which include medical chemistry, in vitro and in vivo biology, analytical & bio-analytical research, pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism studies.

The focus of research is on development of NCEs for the treatment of
  • Metabolic disorders
  • CNS disorders
  • Infectious diseases

Grand R&D Centre, Mumbai (Maharashtra)

With zeal to offer the best products for ailing humanity, the Research team of GRAND has developed novel drug delivery systems to increase effectiveness, tolerability and compliance. The team of 21 highly skilled and committed research scientists is working relentlessly to discover better therapeutic alternates for unmet medical needs of the society.

GRAND is involved in working on various drug delivery technologies for which patent applications have been applied.

Injectable Drug Delivery

Oral Drug Delivery

  • Nanoparticle Technology
  • Microparticulate delivery
  • Liposomal Drug Delivey
  • Pulsatile release Technology
  • Sport Technology, (Gastro-retentive technology independent of body physiology conditions)
  • Oral film technology

SAMPANN Drug Delivery R&D Centre, Lalru (Punjab)

Sampann has strong focus on all areas of generic research as a short to medium term strategy and advanced drug delivery research as long term strategy with first time in world differentiated formulations. Generic and Advanced drug development encompasses both, small and large molecules.

The focus on development of value added drug delivery products that would address unmet medical need;

enhance patient convenience and compliance; increase the safety profile by decreasing the side effects; augment the intellectual capital of the organization and contribute towards the organizational business goals.


  • Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System in Softgels
  • Pulse Release System
  • Mucoadhesive System
  • Solid Dispersion Technology
  • Tablet in Tablet Technology
  • Fast Acting dosage forms
  • Orally Disintegrating System
  • Oral Controlled Release Systems – Solid and liquid dosage form
  • Transdermal / Dermal Metal oxide Nano-particles


  • Sampann Drug Delivery R&D center has successfully commercialized Tacrolimus, a narrow therapeutic index drug requiring bioequivalence to be in the narrow range of 90-111% in the EU.
  • Immunosuppressant Product Panimun Bioral is a soft gelatin capsule of cyclosporine prepared using SMEDDS technology and is the leading brand in this segment.

One Stream Biopharmaceutical R&D Center, New Delhi

The quality, breadth and magnitude of Biopharmaceutical Research & Development Center contributions are unrivalled. Situated in New Delhi, the Center is dedicated to carry out extensive research in vaccines and biologicals using genetic engineering, molecular biology,

genomics tools, animal cell culture, fermentation, purification, formulation, serology and analytical testing techniques. The Center recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) of the Govt. of India has about 12 scientists working with objectives to:

  • Develop effective and affordable vaccines for prevention against various epidemic or infectious diseases for global market
  • Develop novel and therapeutic vaccines by utilizing cutting edge molecular biology and cell culture based technologies
  • Develop therapeutic fully human monoclonal antibody for treating infectious diseases and life-style related disorders
  • Develop recombinant biosimilar molecules for various disorders for global market
  • Develop novel therapeutic peptides