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Nomination Facility

If you wish to appoint a nominee, kindly fill in the Nomination Form and return it to us. Kindly read the instructions pertaining to the Nomination facility furnished beneath the Nomination Form. We have compiled a simple Nomination Guide on Nomination Facility.

With a view to enabling the shareholders to appoint nominees for their shareholdings, the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1999 has made provision under which a shareholder can now nominate a person in whom the share would vest with, in the event of former's death. Pursuant to this provision, the Department of Company Affairs has by Notification No.GSR23(F) dated 12th January, 1999 prescribed Form 2B for making nomination in respect of shares, debentures and deposits, pursuant to Rules 4CCC and 5D of the Companies (Central Government) General Rules and Forms, 1956.

Shareholders are requested to read the Form and the clarifications furnished hereunder carefully before

How can you make nomination ?Who can make nomination ?What is the advantage of making nomination ? Can a Shareholder nominate more than one person to hold shares jointly in the event of his demise ? Can a shareholder change his nomination? How does the Company establish the identity of the nominee in case of death of the shareholder ?Can the shareholders holding shares jointly make nomination ?What is the effect of death of one of the joint holders on nomination ?Can the surviving joint holder make a fresh nomination by revoking earlier nomination ? Can a holder of partly paid shares make nomination ?Can nomination be made in favour of a minor ?What will happen when a shareholder dies leaving a minor nominee ? What is the effect of nomination upon transfer of shares ?Do further acquisition of shares under a given Folio get covered by the nomination ? Can shareholders nominate a person for a part of their holdings ? Does a Will by the shareholder override the nomination ?Can a nominee transfer the shares after the death of the shareholder? What is the procedure for transmission of shares in favour of the nominee ?Is the nominee entitled to dividend and other benefits before being registered as a member ?Can the nominee exercise voting rights before being registered as a member? Is it necessary for Deemed Members (Demat Shareholders) to nominate the same person whom they have appointed as their nominee for their shareholdings with the depository ?Can a Power of Attorney holder sign for the shareholder concerned appointing any person as nominee ? Does transmission of shares to nominees attract payment of share transfer stamps ? Nomination Form is an important document like Will. What precaution investors should take to ensure that their instruction as to transmission would be acted upon by the Company ?Will a company be discharged if it acts on valid nomination?Whether the heirs of the nominee are entitled to the shares / debenture / deposit amount, if the nominee dies before the nominator ?
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