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Panacea Biotec has support from a team of Visionary Leaders with great values and high expectations.  The team of board of directors have hands on experience in Drug Development including risk assessment, corporate collaborations, clinical program management, regulatory affairs, Finance Management, successful product commercialisation and customer relationship management.

Executive Directors
Mr. Soshil Kumar Jain, Chairman

Pursuing our mission 'Innovation in Support of Life' to make human lives happier and healthier, we will continue to remain rooted in our values of quality, innovation and continuous learning


Mr. Ravinder Jain, Managing Director

Supporting life through better health management, not merely the absence of disease, is our aim and in this we are partners in Doctor's vision of a disease free world


Dr. Rajesh Jain, Joint Managing Director

An unwavering commitment to Brand building and innovation has recognised Panacea Biotec to an amiable position. 

We have embarked on a journey to Drug Discovery and Drug Delivery through innovation to contribute towards a healthy living. 

We are poised to enter a period of great opportunity and face new challenges with a pool of talent & expertise. 

Building brands in Domestic and International Marketing with leadership is highly fascinating and a passion at Panacea Biotec.  It involves recognising that people all over the world have different cultures and needs.  Understanding regional differences and needs will make the quintessence of Marketing.  Panacea Biotec is stepping up gears to exhibit exemplary performance in developing marketing strategies across different regions of the World. 

If a day comes and there is a healthcare need, the need will be met by a Panacea Biotec brand / service.
Mr. Sandeep Jain, Joint Managing Director

We have developed a powerful Finance Management support platform, allowing us to gain greater insight into various financial activities.  Our strong revenue growth will help to turn business strategies into practical action plans.  We look forward to achieve greater competitiveness, more profitability and higher share values through innovation in Finance Management.

Mr. Sumit Jain, Director - Operations & Projects

Quality is among the most important reasons, which can persuade a customer to buy a product. Consistent pursuit of Total Quality Management, which I am proud to state, has always been a cornerstone of Panacea Biotec and this pursuit has resulted in achieving greater milestones in the past couple of years.


Mr. Ankesh Jain, Director – Sales & Marketing


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