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International Marketing

Panacea Biotec is uniquely able to take its roots to international marketing. International marketing being hard and systematic, Panacea Biotec accepted the challenge and started spreading its wings across various global locations. Having unique product line in its brand portfolio with highly professionally designed marketing strategies and satisfying various regulatory demands, the company has entered in various international markets.

The Company has started international marketing for its branded formulations in CIS countries, South East Asia, Eastern Europe and African Region. Today the Company’s products are available to people in over 35 countries across the globe.

The Company achieved a remarkable export turnover by way of supplies of Oral Polio Vaccines to various countries including Abidjan, Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey and Uganda through UNICEF against its global tenders. The company continues to make significant contributions towards preventive therapies against deadly diseases.

With a view to seize opportunities, the efforts on innovative international marketing have been intensified. The company has been adopting a strategy of increasing its international brand image and is rapidly expanding to reach out to more and more countries. It has also obtained brand registration for more than 60 different brands in different countries and is actively exploring opportunities for launching as well as licensing out some of its patented products for manufacture/marketing in developed countries in Europe, North America and Latin America.

Positive marketing efforts in Thailand, Serbia, Sri Lanka and Russia have fuelled organic growth in terms of exports and the company is poised to make inroads in international markets by increasing its market share in operating markets and establishing its ground work in new potential markets.
The company commenced exports in new markets and marked its presence in countries like Mongolia, Philippines, Republic of Sparska and Madagascar. Agreements have been signed with several parties in newer markets and product registration documents have been submitted.

The company is also rigorously engaged in registration activities in new markets like Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Bosnia, Mauritius, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Myanmar etc. The company has focused promotional activities for Nimulid range in Thailand and has launched Glizid M in Thailand and Nimulid MD in Kazakhstan. The company has also successfully completed registration of Panimun Bioral & Nimulid Suspension in Russia and Nimulid MD and Nimulid Tabs in Republic of Sparska.

Further, in order to expand its export turnover of pharmaceutical formulations, the Company is focusing on Nephrology range, Willgo, Xeed and other patented products across all the markets and is shifting from Distribution driven model to “Brand Promotion orientation” in key markets. The company has also enhanced efforts for filing product range in all key and supportive markets with maximal emphasis on Brazil, South Africa and turkey.

Focus on developed markets of Europe & US - the Company is in the process of launching its key patented products in the developed markets of Europe and US. The Company has been permitted by German regulatory authority BfArM to initiate Phase –III clinical trials for its two leading products Willgo and Sitcom. In case of Willgo, the clinical trials will be conducted entirely in India whereas in case of Sitcom the clinical trials will be conducted partly in India and partly in Europe. The company plans to file the registration dossiers for other products Panimun Bioral, Pangraf and Mycept during the current year and expects the commercial launch in FY’09.
Panacea Biotec’s consistent strategic direction is poised to project a recognizable organization across the world in the near future.